Friday, November 26, 2010

Does Guilt about Money Block Receiving It?

Guilt about money or anything (held long past a specific event) blocks you from receiving more of what you desire. Why? It is an opposing thought to what you really want to experience.

People have been looking for, studying, and putting into practice any number of ways to attract more money into their lives (or love, success, etc.). One thing that gets a lot of focus time is the impact of those pesky limiting beliefs, but what about money-related guilt?

Guilt is meant to draw our attention to the fact that what we did or did not do could have been done differently, or not done at all. Then we are supposed to make amends, as needed and if possible, and not repeat what we did, and, hopefully, make better choices as we move forward.

But we hang onto guilt; and quite often, especially in regard to money, we do not realize that although limiting beliefs affect our experiences and results, unrecognized guilt is doing even more to impact us and our results.

Here are some forms of money-related guilt that may be present in your life.

-You connect your self-worth to money. There is self-judgment or guilt about not being and having enough. There are people with bundles of money, or what you would consider satisfactory for you, who still do not feel about themselves they way they desire to. Evidently, self-worth and a bank balance are not reliant on each other. Think about how linking self-worth and money affects Law of Attraction.

-You believe money can or should come to you only one way or only in certain ways. If you’ve had a financially challenging time and someone assisted you, or maybe you had to sell some things, or use reserved funds, this can lead to guilt feelings. Think about how limiting HOW money comes to you applies to Law of Attraction.

-You have a debt problem. Whatever resolution or approach you take about this, you may feel a level of guilt about it. This can lead to all sorts of self-judgment. Think about how this impacts Law of Attraction.

-You feel you misused the money you’ve had. Well, if you feel that way, you likely have a good idea about what not to do anymore. But also ask if it really was misuse or if other beliefs and blocks are causing you to feel and think this way, such as a belief in lack and scarcity that is stronger than your belief in infinite abundance. If you stay attached to the belief that you misused or misuse funds (and in lack and scarcity), think about how this applies to Law of Attraction.

-You feel guilt about having limiting beliefs and how this has affected your life. Think about how this influences Law of Attraction.

Yes, you may feel guilt about one or more of what is listed above or something not listed, and it may be justified; but how long must you carry that? How contrite or guilt-ridden would you have to feel in order to BE and have what you desire? If the Law says what you feel is what you experience more of, then no amount of guilt or any form of negative self-judgment, justified or not, is going to flip results in your favor; or, at least, not as wholly as you would like.

You cannot serve Source, yourself, or others fully if everything you do or attempt is tinged with guilt and self-judgment. You may, indeed, make headway and seem to move forward even with these feelings, but it will likely feel like (and be) a struggle; you may receive money and success, and still feel undeserving; and you may find receipt of money and success is not sustained, much less expands. You cannot feel, speak, act, radiate expansiveness at the same time you feel guilt or self-judgment . . . not about money, not about anything.

One thing is certain about guilt carried long past what caused it: it does not nurture, support, or encourage self-love. If you hold such a grudge against yourself, it is likely you hold similar feelings towards others and even towards your life. Think about how this applies to Law of Attraction.

If you did something wrong, it is in the past, even if you still experience the effects now. The important and necessary focus is: What are you going to do and how will you grow from here?

You are what you practice.
© Joyce Shafer

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