Friday, March 30, 2012

Using Your Imagination and Law of Attraction

Does it feel easy or comfortable to imagine what you desire, and to see it as yours? If not, maybe there’s a very good reason this feels not as right as it might – one you’ll readily recognize.

Every time you think a thought, you use your imagination. And, whether you’re aware of it or not, you use your mental screen. You literally run a movie in your mind that gets your energy vibration “juices” flowing in one direction or the other. It doesn’t matter if you’re reviewing a situation, talking, or daydreaming. The “technical” aspects are the same.

We’re quite skilled at imagining in reverse. We do this each time we revisit something that happened before the present moment we’re in. It’s imagining forward – in a consistently positive, productive way – that’s a challenge for many of us. It’s a challenge for a number of reasons, including that we put more practice time in on mentally reliving unpleasant moments, which makes it all too easy to imagine future moments as unpleasant ones to anticipate.

Imagining in reverse is remembering. Imagining forward is daydreaming, no matter what other label you might use. And, as any young child discovers in school (and maybe from family members), daydreaming is a “punishable offense.”

We’re told daydreaming is unproductive and a waste of time. We’re told there’s something wrong with doing it or wrong with us if we do it. But, what is daydreaming, really – or, at least, the way it starts out for us as children? It’s envisioning something we desire, with positive, even delicious, anticipation. Is it any wonder that, after being conditioned in a negative way about daydreaming as children, we feel out of practice, or resistant or even hesitate to trust it as adults? Yet, it’s so important because its role is MAJOR in the Law of Attraction manifestation process.

We’re also discouraged from daydreaming because we aren’t supposed to get our hopes up about some of our desires being fulfilled. We’re told it’s a way to avoid disappointment; though, no one explains the disappointment we’ll feel as a result of suppressing our dreams and desires. We’re told this by others who had use of their imagination punished, ridiculed, or even whipped out of them. This leaves us feeling it’s safer, or at least more acceptable, to focus on “what is” than on What Is Possible. Nor or we encouraged to realize how many once-thought impossibilities are now realities.

Yet, “what is” and What Is Possible operate the same way as the Yin/Yang symbol: each becomes the other. Each feeds the other. The mavericks that make a positive and creative difference in this world, in any era, are the ones who use their imagination the way it’s meant to be used: To envision, dream, solve, resolve, and create. But, you don’t have to be a maverick to enjoy the benefits of daydreaming. You just have to be human.

We face a quandary when we don’t daydream deliberately, because Law of Attraction matches our energy vibration – comprised of a blend of thoughts, feelings, beliefs, mindset, and attitude. It matches the set-point of what we are willing to allow, first, freely in our imagination, and then freely as our experience. Our set-point is like our thermostat setting for allowing us to picture what we desire and for allowing ourselves to receive what we picture or something even better. We’re the ones who ultimately control the settings; which means we can raise them. But, we have to pay attention to how we use our imaginations.

Abraham-Hicks said, “The Universe makes no distinction between the vibration you offer in response to what you are living and the vibration you offer in response to what you are imagining…” It makes NO distinction. Law of Attraction doesn’t know if you’re experiencing something or imagining that you are; it only reads and acts on your inward responses to the movies you run in your mind as requests for more of what your energy vibration is. As above (your energy vibration), so below (the experience that matches your vibration).

You might use your imagination about how a call or meeting or whatever might go. Some call this setting your intention. You might imagine how you’d prefer to feel or behave, and call this setting your intention for how to be. You might write out a list of what you’d like, or cut pictures out and put them on a dream board, or in a box you call your manifestation box. Some might call each of these methods forms of visualization, which is daydreaming. If you use any of these methods, be sure to include some things and experiences that you know or trust are possible sooner than later. This is good practice, and affirming when they happen for you. It raises your set-point about what’s possible.

Notice that none of the ways to use your imagination listed above include picturing the negative that’s happened or could. It’s all about imagining forward in a positive “it’s possible” way. It’s about using your imagination to practice Allowing and Appreciation, to use your imagination to Appreciate what IS possible. Appreciation for what has been and is – of anything or anyone you genuinely appreciate – is excellent practice, especially to gradually raise your set-point ability to imagine and expect and receive more.

Be serious about daydreaming, but do not feel seriousness when you do it. When you deliberately daydream, first, get into a state of appreciation about anything so that your energy vibration is a good one and not one of worry about fixing or changing something, which would match the vibration of lack. Then, either in your mind alone or on paper, create the daydream as you might a scene in a movie, play, or novel. Allow yourself to have all the good feelings you can about this, as you would have when you were a child who had no resistance to this natural process.

When you’re done, instead of attaching your mental energy to the image, capture and keep the good feeling. Replay this scene in your mind or re-read what you wrote to get your feeling vibration in harmony with what you desire, and with allowing what you desire. Do you need to tell the Universe what you want more than once? No. The repetition is for your benefit only.

Start noticing what types of “movies” play on your mental screen, including the dialogue that accompanies them. Notice if you use your imagination in reverse or forward, negative or positive. Check in with how you feel about deliberately daydreaming some each day, with no penalty for doing so.

Daydream the right way, as you did before someone discouraged you and as many inventors, artists, and authors did and do. This brings rewards that include improved productivity, creativity, and all manner of desired experiences Law of Attraction then repeats for you and expands, as you expand what you choose to imagine for you and your life.

Practice makes progress.
© Joyce Shafer

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Some Endings Are Happier New Beginnings

I’d like to share a brief story about Amazing Anne…
who went from the effects of abuse to Freedom.

Anne’s beginning in life may or may not be worse
than some people’s you know (or your own),
but it did have a happier New Beginning.

Before Anne began her breakthroughs, she didn’t believe
she had a right or a reason to feel good about herself.

Actually, somewhere deep inside she knew better,
which is why she reached out and took the action she did.

Anne’s courage is something I definitely celebrate!

Many people feel challenged when it comes to
feeling about and believing in themselves,
in the way they’d like to.

In Anne’s case, she also had the challenge of
coming from a verbally and physically abusive childhood,
which hung over her life like a heavy, dark shadow.

You’d be correct to say Anne’s self-esteem and self-confidence
were understandably low because of this.

And that she’d allowed her self-worth to be determined
by others, and how her life “appeared” to be—
and how awful she felt about herself—
instead of knowing her self-worth is a given.

Anne arrived at the moment in time when NOT
doing something about this
was way more painful than whatever
going for something better might take.

I recently got an email from Anne sharing that
she and her husband have fun together and laugh a lot.

This was NOT the case before she and I worked together.
In fact, this shift began to happen within just a few weeks
after we got started.

At first, her husband would look at her with puzzled expressions,
but this was because this
happier, calmer, more assertive woman—
who suddenly stopped binge eating when
upset or angry and who previously would never go out for fun,
not even to a restaurant, was now asking to do fun things
and doing them… and more.

His wife and his life were suddenly more fun and fulfilling,
and fulfilled, after decades of this not being the case.

Anne still shares with me how
she manages contrasts and conflicts that happen,
as well as the wonderful things
she creates for herself and her life.

Like at work… Co-workers and supervisors also noticed
a positive shift in her. She’d always had a work ethic,
but her attitude became so much more positive.
(Her latest performance review was outstanding!)

Anne also found it became much easier
to stand in her power
when it came to dealing with people
she’d previously let take her for granted.

In fact, Anne found she couldn’t NOT
look after her best interests.
She felt too strong and too good
to allow “stuff and nonsense” any more.

There were many, many more ways Anne shifted
during out time together, like exchanging
self-loathing for self-loving, which is HUGE!

Basically, the person Anne really is and always was
that was buried under layers of “stuff” from childhood
came out to live and to play.

We even discovered one quirky thing she can do
when she really wants to feel as confident as possible.
We joke about it, but it really works for her.

Anne’s commitment to herself was apparent
in her email messages, when she shared her
interest in working with me, but were made really
obvious to me in two big ways:

How she chose to invest in herself financially and
energetically during our time together.
Seriously… this woman meant business.

Anne stunned me when she told me
she’d decided to dedicate an entire paycheck
(1/2 of her monthly pay from her part-time job)
to do my specialized coaching program, and…

Mid-way through the 2-month coaching program,
she had minor surgery.
Don’t let the word “minor” fool you:
there was an extended recovery time
and extended physical therapy involved.

After the surgery I asked Anne if she wanted to
take some time off from the program and resume
once she’d had a chance to rest, especially because
she experienced pain.

She refused, saying this was HER time -
for inner healing, as well as physical healing.
As I said, her commitment to herself was strong…
stronger than any pain, in her mindset.

These two decisions of hers were ones I would
never ask anyone to do, but I had to honor
her decisions and her right to make them.

Anne’s happy ending of our time together, once
she completed the coaching program,
truly was a happier new beginning for her.

Fortunately, not everyone needs to free themselves
from such effects, just a load of limiting beliefs.

So, what happened during the 2 months?

I mentioned the “specialized” coaching program that
Fulfillment Is An Inside Job uses.

What this means is that I created specific questions
that open the door to deeper conversations.

And, as in Anne’s case, as it always is with coaching,
life still happens,
even when you try to focus on just one or two things.
So, we also worked on whatever came up for her—
because past, present, and future fit together.

Each week, on a specific day,
I’d send that week’s questions to her.
Anne would take a day or two to respond
then email the document back to me.
I’d read what she wrote and respond.

We usually communicated twice
about each week’s questions and responses,
in fact, that was the “norm.”

Then we’d move on to the next week,
until we’d moved through all 8 weeks.
(Anne kept everything so she can
re-read it from time to time and
see how far she’s come.)

Anne had lots of “smaller” breakthroughs along the way
(no breakthrough is ever small),
but she got the big breakthrough she wanted:
she rediscovered the real Anne and how
she wanted to feel about herself and her life.
And, she began to live this and still does!

She realized that everything – Everything – responds
to and stems from how you feel about you.

Whatever your start in life was like,
if you feel you’re ready now
for your own breakthrough to a happier new beginning,
send me an email with this in the subject line:
Why Me, Why Now.

You can write up to 1 page telling me
why a breakthrough is important to you
and why now.

I’ll work with up to 10 individuals at a time.
This is why I ask you to send your Why Me, Why Now message to me…
in case more than that number of you feel ready now,
so that I can be selective (based on commitment),
if that need arises.

If you’re not in this 10, you will definitely
be considered or put into the next round,
before anyone else.

Ideally, I’d like to send the questions to you
on the same day each week, starting Saturday, April 14.

However, if you’re ready to start sooner than that,
I’m not going to make you wait.
I certainly understand how it feels to want to
get going sooner than later.

But, I will stop at 10 people for the 2-month program.
This means if 10 people want to start now,
April 14 will be a moot point. We’ll start now.

All online, through emails: your computer, your schedule.
However, if you want to add one 30-minute coaching call
each week, we can arrange this.

Time – I’d say between 1 to 3 hours each week,
depending on how much you want to include in
your responses to the questions.
Money –
*If you want to do the program by email only
and need a payment plan,
which we can arrange - $400
*If you want to do the program by email only and
pay in full at the start - $375
*If you want to add coaching calls to the email program
(one 30-minute call each of the 8 weeks) –
$200 with the payment plan option (Total $600);
$175 if you pay in full at the start (Total $550)

What to Do Next:
Email your Why Me, Why Now message to me at .
Also, let me know these three things:
a) If you want to start now or on April 14;
b) If you will pay in full at the start or
need a payment plan, and what will work for you.
(I promise this will not influence your selection to participate);
c) If you want to include coaching calls
(this doesn’t influence your selection either).

If you want to start April 14,
email your message to me
no later than April 7.

If you want to start sooner,
email your message to me as soon as you write it.

If you want to start on April 14,
I’ll let you know about your selection
by Monday, April 9, along with how
to take care of payment to secure your place.

If you want to start sooner, I’ll help you do that.
I’ll stop accepting clients once I reach 10.

If you have any questions, please email me at

If you know someone who might be interested in
Fulfillment Is An Inside Job, please forward this email to them.

I look forward to assisting you to your own
happier-you breakthrough, if now is the time.

Joyce Shafer
Life Empowerment Coach
P.S. Just so you know… Anne is a real person,
though that’s not her real name.
She did give me permission to share “anything”
I wanted to about her story and experience.

Friday, March 23, 2012

How Does Confusing Yearning with Desiring Affect Law of Attraction Results?

It’s easy to confuse yearning with desiring because this practice is one many are used to. You can easily know which you’re doing by your results and how you feel while you wait for what you desire to arrive.

You practice yearning when you focus on the absence or lack of what you desire. Yearning is not a clear decision or choice. It is wishful thinking fueled with doubt or non-expectancy; you’re primarily aware of the absence or lack of fulfillment you want. If you hold the thought of what you desire AND hold uncomfortable or disquieted feelings about getting it, you’re off the mark. If Law of Attraction matches what you transmit vibration-wise (and it does), what gets matched through yearning?

Genuine desire best springs forth from a PREFERENCE. Genuine desire has no resistance – meaning no yearning, doubt, or non-expectancy is present. It has the energy of Anticipation – or even better -- Eager Anticipation, not anxiety. People often use the words eager and anxious interchangeably, as though they share the same meaning: they don’t. “When your desire feels to you like it is the next logical step, then it is on the verge of manifestation.” (Abraham-Hicks)

That’s a powerful statement you just read. Maybe read it again or post it where you can easily return to it. When was the last time you associated how you felt about a desire with being what just made logical sense as what was to happen next for you? Do you feel an energetic shift when you consider this?

Your desires are meant to help you feel alive and In Life. If you feel the opposite, or anything other than enlivened when you think of your desire, then yearning is what you’re practicing. Consider that Law of Attraction can and will respond (match) ONLY what your energy vibration transmits about anything. You might think of it like this: I feel bad because I lack (whatever) vs. I have a preference for (whatever) that is strong in me. By now, it’s obvious which one of these matches the vibration of what you really want to attract into manifestation.

We’ve confused yearning with genuine desire that blossoms out of a preference for too long. We’ve confused feeling uncomfortable (stress and yearning) with desire, just as we’ve confused busywork with productivity. Clear up this confusion, and you clear up bad feelings that delay what you desire.

Abraham-Hicks also said, “Your habit of resistant thought is the only thing that ever keeps you from allowing the things you desire.” And, Einstein told us that for something to happen, something has to move. You can say that until your vibration moves into better alignment with feeling good – and feeling really good about what you desire – little or nothing about what you don’t like or want (or like and want) can change.

Keep this in mind: Just as a car cannot go from 0 to 60 miles per hour instantly, neither are you likely to shift from feeling non-expectancy to all-out expectancy. I’m not saying you can’t make that shift that quickly, because one good revelation or epiphany could cause that for you. But, know that you may have to move up a “scale” of better and better feelings, and into ALLOWING, so that you can reach all-out expectancy of a result designed by Law of Attraction to match the feeling of having and enjoying what you desire.

You might also consider what your predominant emotional set-point is on a scale: If you’re usually in a state of anger or frustration, you will find it a challenge to, in a heartbeat, move up to joy and appreciation. Though, as I said, something could happen that causes you to allow yourself to experience this kind of shift quickly. The more you deliberately raise your predominant emotional set-point up the scale, the easier it becomes to shift into better and better feelings as your usual state of being.

Each step up the scale is an opportunity to clear resistance to Allowing out of the way, because you cannot hold opposing thought vibrations and expect desired results. Look at what you practice. Adjust it as needed to improve alignment, so that you desire rather than yearn, or even amp up a good feeling to an even better one. Remember: feeling better or feeling really, really good is the ultimate Law of Attraction practice.

Practice makes progress.
© Joyce Shafer
On the Guest Articles page of my free weekly newsletter, Guy Finley advises us to quit complaining and start changing. Jeanna Gabellini discusses how confusion is a choice. Poet Wendi Romero writes about the journey to awakening and meaning. The SOA site’s Directory Listings—Global and Local—offer products and services to meet specific empowerment and healing needs, and the Documents page has numerous free downloads available for you and your friends.

Friday, March 16, 2012

What Does Self Forgiveness Have to Do with Success?

The premise of Law of Attraction is actually simple. But, to reach this simplicity, you often have to travel through “layers.” Self forgiveness is one of those layers; and it influences use of Law and success results.

Do you ever wish you’d done something in the past differently, or think about how results of one or more mistakes caused you to feel pretty bad about yourself, or humiliated? Or how maybe you allowed things you wish you hadn’t. Maybe you had some rough patches in life and feel you could have handled such times better. Maybe… But, those times are over. It’s what you’re telling yourself now, in the present, about those past events that matters.

Ernest Holmes wrote what follows in all capital letters, but he wasn’t part of the electronic age where that would be considered rude; so just imagine this quoted part in all caps for emphasis: “No person whose entire time is spent in the contemplation of limitation can demonstrate freedom from such limitation!” I would add that you don’t have to do this the entire time for it to affect you, just enough of the time and with enough feeling. However, Holmes’ point is well taken.

There are many things we might need to forgive ourselves for, including thinking less of ourselves, believing we don’t deserve better, criticizing ourselves for not being perfect—whatever THAT is, or holding our past against us in some way. These are forms of non-forgiveness we practice on ourselves all too often, without realizing the full impact.

Carrying self-condemnation and condemnation of others is truly a burden. Because of how Law of Attraction works, we add to the weight of this by holding on to such thoughts, which multiplies their effect on us and our lives. This is a form of resistance… resistance to well-being for us and others. It resists the feeling of freedom we want and pursue.

Abraham-Hicks wrote, “If you are resisting anything, you are focused upon it, pushing against it, and activating the vibration of it—and therefore attracting that which is like it.” You might ask yourself in which ways you resist success in any area of your life—work, relationships, finances, harmony, serenity, health, etc.—with condemning or self-condemning thoughts. This can be a pretty revealing thing to do.

There are lots of writings about forgiveness of others you can access, so I’ll leave that to you, if that speaks to you at this time. It does influence your success-ability, though. But, I focus on self-forgiveness here because it’s the one we carry closest to us.

Forgiveness is really about putting what’s been an emotional burden to us down, about letting the story go and never repeating it again—and telling a new, better story or telling the old story in a new, better way, if telling it is truly beneficial to increase wisdom or do good in some way. The burden is all the thoughts and emotions you have about something that happened or what someone or you did, which you drag like boulders behind you through life. When you replay something in your mind, you relive it in your cells and glue it more firmly into what you perceive as “truth.” Positive or negative. And Law of Attraction is bound by its nature to supply you with whatever it takes to match “truth,” as you perceive it.

Perhaps you pull up memories of a relative telling you something negative about you, or your third grade teacher saying you weren’t smart—all just their opinions, of course. Perhaps you’ve made this your practice, without realizing what this does to you. When triggered emotionally, you may ask, What happened in the past?—which pulls up negative memories instead of asking, What can I tell myself that’s supportive and moves me in the direction of my desire… makes my feeling-vibration a greater match with my desire?

You can’t imagine of yourself as More if you see yourself as Less. Any negative self thoughts are a form of resistance to the truth of who you really are. One way to practice self-forgiveness is to stop allowing the opinions of others (past or present), or what you imagine their opinions are, to have more weight or merit or validity than what Source thinks. Source loves you, unconditionally, because you and It are one. It may be time to create a new concept of or for your Self, one that lets you see how much good there is about and in you. And let this new concept be the one you wake to each day.

The burden of any self-condemnation blocks success in any area that you desire to improve or create. The lightness of release allows you to more easily focus on creativity and desires and results than on condemnation and how bad such thoughts make you feel. Such thoughts cause you to resist success instead of allow it—because they cause you to believe you don’t deserve better.

Deserving is a man-made concept. Source doesn’t think this way, because you are an expression of IT, and all you are IS Source—there is no separation except in your thinking. Otherwise, Source would have to determine Itself as undeserving at times, as well, and that can and will never happen. Nor does Law of Attraction take deserving into consideration either. It’s an impartial, non-thinking “mechanism” that responds only to what you think/feel into it.

The “lighter” you are from release of self-condemnation the happier you’ll be. The happier you feel the more “attractive” of what you desire you’ll be. Stop feeding self-condemning thoughts and you can begin to believe success is as much your right as it is anyone’s—and it is! You can observe how you feel, to know whether your energy vibrates as a match with what you desire (manifestation) or matches its absence (resists manifestation). It’s far too easy to tell yourself negative stories about you—and worse!—to believe them. “A belief is only a practiced vibration.” (Abraham-Hicks)

Sometimes negative thoughts about the self happen so quickly, you notice them but not for what they are, much less their overall effect on you. This means a lot of practice happens with such thoughts. Begin to connect what you think and feel to what you experience and you’re on your way to understanding Law of Attraction and using it more in your favor, until you become so good at this, it becomes automatic to you.

Practice makes progress.
© Joyce Shafer
Note: In this week's issue of State of Appreciation (week starting Mar. 16) Guy Finley advises us to leave painful thoughts and feelings behind. Gabriella Kortsch discusses what happens when we give up the need to be right. Poet Wendi Romero writes about gratitude and how simple, though grand, it can be. I also share the buzz about Eldon Taylor’s new book, I Believe: When What You Believe Matters, which was a hit on George Noory's Coast to Coast AM this week (you get access to many bonuses when you order the book through the link I provide). Also, I share links to an online course that starts Mar. 19 for writers and wanna-be’s, and how to get a free copy of You Can Attract It by Steve Jones and Frank Mangano. The SOA site’s Directory Listings—Global and Local—offer products and services to meet specific empowerment and healing needs, and the Documents page has numerous free downloads available for you and your friends.

Friday, March 9, 2012

How Doing This One Key Law of Attraction Principle Can Increase Happiness

One key to unhappiness is something you do, I do, and nearly everyone you know and don’t know does. Fortunately, we can choose not to do it, or at least not do as much of it, so we and others can be happier.

Increased happiness is no longer elusive just as soon as we realize it’s about attitude—though there’s more to this—SOMETHING SPECIFIC—that you need to know. Here it is.

Ernest Holmes wrote about this particular Law of Attraction KEY: “There is a direct law responding to condemnation and a direct law responding to praise and appreciation. It is, of course, the same law used in different ways… No man can be happy who lives in a continuous state of condemnation of people, conditions and things.” Yikes! That’s so powerful I bolded it. It’s also something we can easily get direct, if not personal, evidence of.

Let’s face it—we’re kind of addicted to criticizing. But, are we ever genuinely happier as a result of criticizing anyone, anything, or ourselves? No. In fact, it makes us unhappier more often than not, because it feeds our negative perspectives, and they grow. We are unaware that our tendency to criticize so freely is a root cause of unhappiness and discontent—ours and those whose lives we touch. Gandhi said, “Gossip is a form of violence.” So is being overly critical. So, why do we do it?

We criticize when we feel restricted. We criticize when we feel a need for validation, recognition, respect, or appreciation. The perceived or obvious absence of any of these can cause us to feel frustrated. When we’re frustrated, we get verbal—in our minds or out our mouths. If we didn’t feel restricted or infringed on in some way, we’d likely have no criticisms to make. All of this points to something in particular: frustration is a call for your attention to be focused inward first, before you focus your comments outward. Why?

Because… If you want to have fewer “opportunities” to be critical, you first have to let go of being so ready to criticize as a way of BEing. Then you can more readily come up with creative, constructive ideas about what to do or say, or how to understand something or someone better—especially you.

At times we do one or more silent run-throughs of something that ticks us off. I caught (still catch) myself doing this (I’m improving), and it is NOT the vibrational energy I want to transmit and attract more of. I wanted a way to stop it—fast! So an inspired idea came to me and I put it into practice. It’s something I forgot I learned around 17 years ago: I make the OM sound, several times if needed, to immediately shift myself out of such mind chatter. When I first started this, I did it for about a week before recalling where it came from: Wayne Dyer’s meditation CD (released in 1995) that uses the AH sound for creation and the OM sound for appreciation. My inner guidance (and subconscious memory) knew what it was doing, even if “I” didn’t, because…

Appreciation is one of the highest vibrational frequencies, one worth transmitting as much of the time as we can. It’s far more Law-of-Attraction favorable than satisfying the ego by complaining to the point where it begins to impact us negatively. Sometimes we just need to vent, but we also can overdo it and move beyond venting into gritching. (Feel free to replace the “gr” with a “b”.)

Sometimes we criticize or condemn before anything actually happens. We anticipate something unpleasant ahead of time—to (ugh!) prepare ourselves to “receive” what we anticipate. Train yourself to expect something good to happen, or to release unfavorable expectations, until you can shift into expecting something better, if your usual practice is to expect something bad before anything happens at all. “What we expect, that we find.” (Aristotle) Ernest Holmes would add, “Merely to abstain from wrong thinking is not enough; there must be active right thinking.”

You want to do what you can to ease up on a tendency to criticize so quickly. Otherwise, you’ll launch into criticism automatically—and keep at it!—which gets transmitted outward. Then, Law of Attraction will send you more reasons to be critical about life, others, or you. And, you’ll wonder how you can ever get off this (self) frustrating loop.

Along with easing up on criticism, another (foundational) way to be happier more consistently is to find and feel your joy in and from Source, not in and from your circumstances. Circumstances are ever-changing—because life and you are ever-evolving. There WILL be times when you wait for what you want, though you can shorten the wait by keeping your vibration higher. If you can’t be happy when you don’t have what you want, you won’t be happy when you do have what you want. Ouch!

Each of us can choose to be in battle (inner or outer) all or most of the time, or in joy and happiness as much as possible. It’s up to us to decide which to put into consistent or better practice: criticize or observe, judge or discern, feel frequent frustration or know everything has a reason and a season, anger or awareness, control or creativity.

What we choose results in our unhappiness or happiness. Conscious choice is a good practice. It’s also good practice not to expect to get this completely correct consistently right from the start. Find a better thought or feeling and choose to increase it. Allow this to be gradual, like moving up a scale on a piano or the way mercury moves upward on a temperature gauge. Tone down criticism and you’ll feel and see improvements. Then tone it down even more so you can attract what you really want more of… to feel happier. Use the fact of Law of Attraction as your motivator.

Practice makes progress.
© Joyce Shafer

Friday, March 2, 2012

Do You Easily Conceive of Your Wants and Dreams as Possible?

You want something, a lot! But, do you really believe it can happen? To use Law of Attraction in your favor, you must.

“Man’s conscious thought, acting through Law, may change any condition in his experience, provided he can clearly conceive of such conditions being changed,” wrote Ernest Holmes.

When you read what Holmes wrote, what got your attention most? For me, it’s the segment, “…provided he can clearly conceive of such conditions being changed.” Are you aware of the difference between desiring a particular change for the better, even working for it, and being able to believe without doubt it can happen—or that you deserve it or something even better? Think of something in your life you desire to be improved. Are all or most of your thoughts aligned with, “Yes, that can be mine!”—or not? I offer a clever, accurate image to help you with this in just a bit.

Do you ever catch yourself running a movie in your mind about what you don’t want instead of what you do? If yes, I bet you can get the details going in that image, right down to dialogue. Even though you have a theme playing in that movie, your thoughts are likely swarm-like: “Bees” from the past, present, and future buzz in your mind all at once. All this mental activity may even make you feel like you’re being productive. If this was productive, things would be improved… Wouldn’t they?

What if all that mental activity happens because you can’t (yet) CLEARLY CONCEIVE of the improved condition happening—for you? If the image you hold about What Is contrasts with the one you want as your experience, which one will win? If you know anything about Law of Attraction, you know the answer. So, what can you do?

I think we should not try to control our thoughts. That’s too much like trying to corral a swarm of bees. However, what we can do is choose the thoughts that help us have the vibrational frequency we prefer. By vibrational frequency, I mean how you want to feel. Then, it becomes vitally important that you feel as much of that right now and as often as possible.

What often blocks us about choosing a preferred feeling—and to feel as much of it as we can right now—is we get caught on the How, how what we want can happen based on what we see, and based on how we feel about what we see.

I heard a perfect way to align with the How described. It’s a method I’ve used, but not with the same clear mental image as this one is: Imagine a radar screen that’s three inches in diameter. That small screen is how we view what is and what we’ve known. But, what REALLY is and is possible expands far, far beyond what’s just on our screen, and expands in all directions. What’s outside our limited view is all the additional ways Source and the Law can manifest or bring together what’s needed to manifest the improvement or something even better. The great question of How, more often than not, gets answered OFF your radar screen. Please really think about what this means, and even recall one or more times this was evident… because if it happened then, it’ll happen again… and again.

But, what about how well you can conceive of the condition improving the way you desire it to? Maybe when you think of the desired change, your image of or mental movie about that experience doesn’t have as many (believable) details as the one you have about what you don’t want. You may have noticed you can’t force yourself to believe something, even something you really want to believe. But you can seek and find a point of alignment that gets you there or at least puts your feet on the path.

If conceiving the improvement as yours is an issue, find a thought that aligns with what you ultimately want like, “The highest good for me and all involved,” or feel true appreciation for all you have and/or all that IS possible. This is actually a better start than it may seem. What you want to find is a better vibration to transmit. And, yes, the more you align with and match how having your desire FEELS, the stronger your transmission is. As you build your createability-with-your-feelings-and-thoughts skills, this is a way to help keep the clutter out of your mental space and vibrational frequency because your vibrational transmission is your command.

Sometimes, being specific about what you want is helpful. Many or most times your desired way to feel is all you need to transmit as a vibration. Source knows what you need and want and awaits your feelings (your vibration) to match the vibration of what you desire…because the matching, according to the Law, is what brings the energy into form (manifestation).

If you cannot conceive of your desires as yours (yet), you can put your feet on these stepping stones. You can remind yourself that, “Okay, maybe I don’t know how or when, nor do I have to. I only know this process works, and usually outside what I see in front of me.” It helps, as I mentioned, if you’re conscious of times when this or something similar has been your experience and the results delighted or even surprised you.

You can also assist this by noticing if—or when—the majority of your thoughts are on what you don’t want, don’t want more of, want to stop, don’t like, don’t appreciate, worry about or fear—and shift to the FEELING you do want, whether that shift causes a nearly blissful vibration or just a better one than you had. Thankfully, you have what Abraham-Hicks calls a buffer of time, to adjust your thoughts and, therefore, your vibrations. But, you want to get out of the practice of “relying” on that buffer too much and into the practice of transmitting vibrations that match (align with) the feelings you really want. Feel them now instead of waiting. The goal is to consciously, deliberately (even joyfully) stop opposing yourself and your “Stream of Well-Being” and to expand your awareness of how everything works in tandem with everything else.

It seems a good time for all of us to reframe what Law of Attraction is: Law of Attraction is not as much about techniques for getting what you want as it is a guide about how to be and live.

Practice makes progress.
© Joyce Shafer