Thursday, September 11, 2014

There Are Many to Remember on 9/11

Today, many of us are remembering those lost on 9.11.2001. However, there are others we need to think about, as well—first responders still with us who need assistance—like my friend Mitch Trupia. 

Mitch went to the Twin Towers after the second tower fell and worked onsite for a number of weeks. He was injured when a partial wall collapsed on him. And like others there at the start, who believed when told that they were safe without masks, he didn’t wear one. Since that time, he’s been in and out of hospitals and doctors’ offices. In his own words, here is some of what Mitch is experiencing. You can read more at the link provided below:

Before 9/11, I had a successful production company where I specialized in design and construction. My company built stages and backdrops for major record companies, including Sony Music. Today, my bills are piling up. I've lost everything over the years due to illness. I cannot even count the amount of times I have been in the hospital for tests and treatment. Among the illnesses that I have, besides cancer, are asthma and other serious aero-digestive disorders, crippling migraines, and upper and lower abdominal issues that are terribly painful. I am also being treated for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) from when I was injured during a partial wall collapse while helping several firefighters one night. In June (2014), I had to have a malignant tumor removed from my thigh. While it is a cancer associated with Ground Zero, due to long World Trade Center Health program delays, I had to find a doctor and get a referral on my own for treatment. I now need more cancer screenings for my other organs: thyroid, brain, prostate, and lungs, and I cannot wait much longer.”

Mitch needs financial assistance for medical bills, treatments, and for living expenses—obviously, he is unable to work. You can assist him with recognized or anonymous donations on his Go Fund Me page. And you’ll get a personal thank-you e-mail from him. Every little bit helps. Even if all you can donate is $5, please help my 9/11 responder friend out—and up , and please share this with others who might like to help a 9/11 first responder who would benefit from kind assistance. 

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