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Are You in Alignment with the Real You?

Are You in Alignment with the Real You?

By Gabriella Kortsch, Ph.D.

Let’s look at the concept of alignment first. It basically refers to positioning, to being in a line with something else. We get our tires aligned. We align a text in a document we write in such a way that the margins are straight and uniform. Wikipedia tells us that alignment is the adjustment of an object in relation to other objects.

How does this apply to us as human beings?

Better Results
To answer that we might like to look at the effect of aligning any of the examples mentioned. Aligned tires run in unison. Because of their alignment, the car works more efficiently. In a document that is aligned, the text looks more polished and pulled together, more professional. An object that has been adjusted in relation to other objects generally works more smoothly, and we can count on better results.

When we look at ourselves, it’s a similar story…we get better results, we work better, we function better, things go more smoothly. You might say that being in alignment is like getting a regiment of soldiers all lined up…and so it is if your inner and outer selves are aligned

How To Tell When You Aren’t Aligned
When you are feeling uneasy, uncomfortable, not calm, not peaceful—agitated, mixed up, at cross-purposes, jittery, and so on, you can pretty well count on the fact that you are not aligned with who you really are. Can you imagine lining up a banana with a walnut? It just doesn’t work, does it? One is more or less round, and hard, and brown. The other is elongated, curved, soft, and yellow. They align in the sense that both need their outer shell or peel to be removed in order to be eaten, but other than that, there is little alignment that takes place between the two.

And so it is with you, when you are aligning yourself to some way of life, or living your life, or some purpose that has nothing to do with who you really are at the core of your being. The feelings of uneasiness, discomfort, agitation, etc., are showing you as clearly as if there were a signpost on the road: This is not the way to go forward.

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Gabriella Kortsch, Ph.D. (Psychology), author of Rewiring the Soul: Finding the Possible Self, is a practicing psychotherapist who works with an international clientele in Marbella, Spain using an integral focus on body, mind and soul. She has published a newsletter in English and Spanish since 2004, facilitates monthly workshops and broadcast a weekly radio show both locally in Spain, as well as on the internet for seven years. Prior to her work in private practice she was Director of Sales & Marketing at several luxury beach properties in Spain and Mexico and was married to a diplomat. She has three sons.

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