Friday, September 6, 2013

The Wound is The Way

By Wendi Romero

From her latest book, Out of the Kiln

You may feel
you weep alone,
but indeed you do not.
All humanity cries out
when struck by
what there is
no control over.
The wound then
becomes the way—
the way to a deeper
current of Spirit
that flows beneath
the surface.
Its purpose is not
to destroy
but to restore;
not to remain ashes,
but return to wholeness.
Life’s circumstances
are not
life, itself.
What lives in you,
underneath the pain …
that is life.
That is you.

Wendi Romero is a lover of nature, travel, art, and photography. She grew up in rural Southwest Louisiana, where the culture is still predominantly French. She is a graduate of McNeese State University in Lake Charles, LA. There, she further developed her craft of creative writing and poetry under the tutelage of renowned poet, art critic, and photography historian, Dr. John Wood. Her first poem was published in 2008 in LISTEN, a publication for Spiritual Directors International. This is the poet’s first compilation of her work, but not her last. She and her husband live near the lush oak and pecan groves of Grand Coteau, LA. Visit her website and learn more about her book, Pilgrimage to Self: Leaving, Walking, Returning, at

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