Friday, September 6, 2013

Release Yourself From Painful Resistance to the Lessons of Life By Guy Finley

Key Lesson: No event itself creates anger (in us) anymore than a flame causes a moth to fly into it and be consumed. Events serve to reveal our nature (to us) by stirring and releasing from its un-plumbed depths some quality or character within it, bringing up and into us an awareness of its (unimaginable) potential.

Agree to Be Changed

Events in our lives serve lessons. Lessons serve truths. And each truth that we will submit to changes us into a human being more whole than we were prior to the event.
What we suffer over in life is lessons we have yet to learn. When we are in pain, it's because a lesson has been refused.

For example, let's say you're talking to somebody and you see that you can't stop from saying something cruel. In the split second you see that you can't stop yourself from making that cruel comment, you have a flash of painful understanding that you weren't what you imagined yourself to be prior to the event. Then up comes resistance to that painful truth, meaning everything in you finds a way to justify what you've just said instead of recognizing that you had mistaken yourself to be something you are not. In that moment of instantaneous recognition of the truth of yourself is the lesson riding in on the back of the event.

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Guy Finley is the best-selling author of The Secret of Letting Go, The Essential Laws of Fearless Living, and 35 other works that have sold over a million copies in 18 languages worldwide. His work has been featured on hundreds of radio and TV networks including NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, NPR, and PBS. Guy has spent the last 30 years showing individuals the authentic path to a higher life filled with happiness, success, and true love. Finley lives and teaches in Merlin, Oregon where he is Director of non-profit Life of Learning Foundation.

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