Monday, May 5, 2014

I Have the Perfect Teacher

I Have the Perfect Teacher by Lisa Meade, Ph.D.

I am counting my blessings. I am filled with gratitude. I am celebrating the beautiful lessons that I am given each and every day. All this is presented to me by my perfect teacher.
I have had many different mentors in life. I have read an unimaginable amount of books by the wisest of healers and spiritual visionaries. I have had the glorious opportunity to practice many different ways to connect more and more fully to my soul's calling.
Over time I have learned that my perfect teacher insures that the very lesson I need to be learning, the very insight I can find within myself and the very longing my soul is reaching to is the lesson of the day.
What is the best lesson my perfect teacher has taught me? All the situations and circumstances of my life, the big and the small, the powerful and the insignificant, are there to teach me exactly what I need to be learning.
Who is this perfect teacher? How is it that they are so accurate and timely? My perfect teacher is my life. This beautiful, changing, expanding and evolving life! My life makes certain that my path is crossed with people who will bring into my day offerings and needs, challenges and trials, wisdom and grace, all to enrich the experience of what my life lesson is in the moment.
My life is my classroom. The situations, the relationships, the experiences and more all add to the day's lesson. It is within this classroom that I practice patience, love, awareness, presence, gratitude, and compassion. It is within this classroom that I learn my strengths and my weaknesses. My teacher makes sure that lessons are balanced and full.
I make sure to fill my heart with gratitude each day for my teacher. I awake every day with the honoring of all the possibilities that will surely come my way. I remember that this perfect teacher has brought me so far down this amazing path, even when I had my doubts or dared to have fear. My teacher stayed true to me. My trust is steadfast that my life has all the answers that I need to be my fullest, my most brilliant, my best Self.
Copyright ©2014: Lisa Meade, Ph.D.
Having facilitated at numerous women's empowerment programs, women’s spiritual retreats and shamanic offerings, Lisa Meade brings a unique style of leadership to the community.  She offers a wide range of services so that her clients are able to choose what works best for their needs, whether in person, by phone, online, in a group setting or one on one. Lisa is an avid writer and many share her Spirit Blog. She has also served as a contributor to various online magazines, and hosts several social media pages. Creating global connections through the variety of these relationships has allowed Lisa to bring her service as a Shaman and Spiritual Life Coach and Soul Mentor to clients internationally as well as close to home. Lisa takes great pride in helping those that she works with see the potent energy to be found by being present and in the moment, to tap into the beauty of the gifts and lessons that are brought to their day and how to bring their soul and its wondrous energy to each thought, action and word spoken. To learn more about Lisa Meade and her offerings visit

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